Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

MarQuee Magazine is a luxury lifestyle magazine that blends style and elegance with sophistication and taste. It showcases the finer things in life, including luxury cars, high-end fashion, fine dining, five-star travel and design ideas for the home. MarQuee Magazine strives to continuously update our readers with fresh editorial that is stunning to the eye while intriguing the mind.

Affluent Audience

MarQuee Magazine is a premier luxury lifestyle magazine read by the inquisitive, culturally aware, well travelled, urbanite. Our affluent audience is interested in various topics including travel, fine cuisine, art and culture, fashion, lifestyle trends and everything luxury, allowing them to keep up with their demanding and discerning lifestyles.


Reach over 300,000 of Canada’s most coveted readers per year – print and online. With three issues per year, MarQuee Magazine is exclusively hand delivered to very select locations and residences throughout Canada with over $150,000 annual income. Digitally, we also reach over 150,000 customers each year, through a combination of our website, e-newsletter and our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Partner Benefits

Be a part of an exclusive group of advertisers reaching Canada’s most influential and affluent customers. Join a growing list of partners and you will receive access to exclusive events, cross promotional opportunities and exposure on MarQueeMagazine.ca. MarQuee Magazine is an excellent platform for you to grow your brand or showcase new products to a very targeted market. Contact us today to explore our print and online opportunities.

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